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News to Me: Current News

WHO DO YOU KNOW WHO TOTRUST? How do you evaluate information?

Information Literacy is a skill based on awareness! Ask yourself...

Are you a savvy news consumer?   Do you know how to evaluate resources and verify information? 
Do you double check facts?

Do you understand what fake news is, and how it works?  Who does it benefit?
How does it go viral?

Do you know about media bias?   Can/should resources have a point of view? 
Is all media inherently biased?  What are reporting standards?

When did the concept "alternative facts" enter the public discourse? 
Has your curiosity turned to suspicion?  

Do you exist in an information bubble or are you willing to consider other ideas?
How do you know who to trust?

Breaking News: NEWSWIRES

Associated Press (AP)


United Press Internations (UPI)



Ebsco Newswire provides updated world news from major press newswires such as AP, UPI, CNN, Xinhua, PR
(password protected)


US Newspaper Web Pages

The newspapers below (and more) are available full text in

ProQuest US Newstream

Do you want to browse?
Click on the banners below to access the newspapers' front pages.

(the U.S. newspaper of record)
New York Times Topic Pages
Activate your free academic pass to NYT

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Top 100 U.S. newspapers

Top 50 U.S, newspapers

Reminder:  Full text articles can be searched in our password protected databases, linked from the StX Newspaper Databases column to the right.

Local News

Broadcast Media


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National News / Culture/ Current Events Magazines

Calling All News Junkies:   Options abound!

  • Browse print copies of many of these titles in our library.
  • Click on the logos below to peruse the latest edition of these publications and read blog content  produced for their websites.
  • Search for specific content in our databases which index and provide full text access.  (see below).

These magazines all provide commentary, which is an opinion.  Take in consideration that most editorial boards have a point of view.  Check out the "About" section on their websites to see how the publication self-identifies. 

These labels are becoming increasingly fluid.  Some of these publications can be described as socially conservative yet politically liberal.  Others are fiscally conservative yet socially liberal. Beware of labeling something left or right wing without investigating and evaluating.   The City Colleges of Chicago has posted an excellent analysis of the political leanings of magazines and journals titled "Consider the Source."

American News & Political Commentary Magazines

Compiled Sources (News Aggregators):


Moderate, BiPartison Editorial Boards:

(Catholic sponsored)
Liberal Sources Conservative Sources

(Jesuit Nat'l Catholic Review)

(American Jewish Committee)

StX Newspaper Databases

These databases link directly when accessed from school.   Off campus you will be prompted for credentials.  Enter the same user name & password that you use for your online textbooks.


ProQuest US Newstream
presents premium national daily newspapers (Wall Street Journal, NYT, LA TImes, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, etc.) as well as regional newspapers.  Continuously updated.

Ebsco Host Newspaper Source
delivers full text articles from 700+ major newpapers plus copy from broadcast and radio news.


Ebsco Newswire provides
constantly updated world news form major press newswires such as AP, UPI, CNN, Xinhua, PR


Newsbank InfoWeb

(aka America's Newspapers)

StX Multi-Source Databases

These are generalized databases
that pull from mulitple resources:
(magazines, journals,newspapers, media)
Many of the journals featured on this page are searchable in these databases.


Ebsco Discovery Service


ProQuest Platinum K12


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